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Subject: Groups - Action Item Closed: #0024 Update document on Universality ...

OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC member,

Seraphim Larsen has closed this action item.

Number: #0024
Description: Update document on Universality ...
Owner: Mr. Robert Anderson
Status: Closed
Due: 13 Sep 2005

Seraphim Larsen  2005-09-06 18:42 GMT
From TC Meeting 06 Sept 2005:
    - #12 universality of univ-atts
        - http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita/download.php/14302/IssueNumber12.html 

        - NOTE:  Scribe may have mixed up Bruce Esrig and Robert
          Anderson in a few places in the following discussion!

        - Robert Anderson - Some use cases: 
            - (1) Translate xlng can be set to indicate whether or
              not something should be translated.
            - (2) Users expect filtering atts to be available on
              every element   
            - (3) Adding ID and Conref atts to make reuse possible
              in more locations.  Also possible to reuse info such
              as copyright without having to rewrite it for every
        - Bruce Esrig - So, would att data be available at map level
          and roll down to topic level?
        - Don -- That's partially avaiable now, but not for every
        - Bruce -- Which elements have that?
        - Robert -- Should be in documentation, but not sure if it's
          all there
        - Bruce -- Useful thing to mention this under metadata in
          the documentation
        - Don - Robert's got the list of elements that would use the
        - Robert - In the list of elements atts, the only one he
          omitted was for table entries, because CALS style tables
          might have issues for editors and processing
        - Michael Priestley - Another place to disallow filtering is
          on titles, since it is a required part of the topic
        - Robert -- Can we use conref in the title?
        - Michael -- Yes, or you can use multiple phrases.
          Originally it was also required for body, but since body
          is an optional part of topic now, it is not required.
        - Don -- Should a design consideration like this be tied in
          with the content model?
        - Robert -- Removing them would violate backwards-compatible
        - Don -- Any discussion?
        - Michael -- FWIW, the alternative is to allow the filtering
          attributes, but just accept the fact that processing can
          fail if people use them incorrectly.  Michael thinks it's
          better to forbid use.
        - Michael -- But if people are using the atts for flagging,
          perhaps it's acceptable.  But seems strange to flag "body"
          with an att, while the topic itself is unflagged.
        - Michael -- Is anyone arguing *against* the proposal?
        - Robert -- Need to have a full and completed design before
          it's accepted or not.
        - Don -- Robert should take it away and do one more pass on
        - Michael -- Sounds OK.
        - Michael -- Formally moves that Robert update the document
          based on this discussion.
        - Seraphim -- seconds.
        - Approved by acclamation.  *ACTION* for Robert Anderson,
          due for next week.

    - (Robert's use-case scenarios, above)
        - http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita/download.php/13735/IssueNumber12.html

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2005-09-06      TC Meeting Minutes 06 September 2005.txtReference Document
2005-09-06      IssueNumber12.html               Reference Document

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