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Subject: Groups - Action Item Closed: #0021 Need to update use cases in feat...

OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC member,

Seraphim Larsen has closed this action item.

Number: #0021
Description: Need to update use cases in feat...
Owner: Michael Priestley
Status: Closed
Due: 13 Sep 2005

Seraphim Larsen  2005-08-30 17:34 GMT
From 8/23 minutes --

Discussion: Item 12 -- Universality of universal apps.

Robert Anderson -- There is some opposition to adding id and
conref to metadata elements. 

Don -- RA and MP need to have that conversation before

MP -- We were conservative when we first added these. Were
currently feature-creeping back to universal. Im now
suprised to see elements that _dont_ support these. We
should change the onus from justify having these, to
justify not having these. 

I can imagine cases where somebody might have different sets
of keywords, different sets of copyright data. There might
be a concrete requirement on keyword conrefing for
controlled vocabularies. Same capabilities you have in
content but applies to metadata. 

PP -- There are two different issues. conref and filtering
attrs are quite different. Issue with filtering attrs is
that semantics. When you think of metadata elements not as
publishing attrs but searching in CMS. How would a CMS index
an audience elemetn with audience attribute? Does it
filter based on who is making the search? If we state that
these attrs only apply to publishing process, that would be
clear. If we dont make a statement, CMS vendors will
implement this in different ways or conspire to ignore the

MP -- Im not sure I buy the premise that CMS is the basic
use case. 

PP -- Search in general, not CMS. 

MP -- Will these attrs be used for searching source, or at
publish time? 

MP -- May not be a clean line. May be a muddy line. e.g.
product metadata. If youre shipping info for a particular
product, the product metadata is useless. On the other
hand, if youre publishing to Web site that includes
multiple products, the metadata is useful again. When
metadata is useful depends on how and when youre delivering
it. All will be useful at authoring time. Some will be
useful at delivery time. 

PP -- Maybe state that these attrs are always applicable to
publishing process. When applied to metadata attrs, goal is
to drive publishing process which will generate searchable
metadata. Have seen customers want to use in other parts of
the process (internal use). 

MP -- Theres a clear use case for keywords element in
prolog. Used for search and indexing. 

Robert -- audience attr does have audience attr. 

PP -- Cust asks what it means? If youre using metadata on
output instead of source and want it to vary based on the
publishing process, that attr might be meaningful. 

MP -- might have audience element that provides complete
description of user type. Also slap audience attr on the
elemnt. When pub for different audience, you can filter out
that audience definition from prologue. 

Robert -- We need to define what these means when not used
in publishing context. Also, implementation issue w/conref
in metadata attr values. Seemed optimistic to me that CMS ]
will apply conref before they extract metadata attrs. May
introduce divergence between what the spec allows and what
is practiced in field. 

MP -- scenario -- controlled set of conref defns, conrefed.
If CMS is not part of picture, this is very reasonable. If
CMS is part of picture, may express it as embedded data. 

MP -- It seems like such a clear requirement to manage
metadata sets. Even if CMS does something different but DITA
compatible, Id still want to be able use conref to manage
them. I shouldnt need to pay for a CMS to get centrally
managed product definitions, for example. 

Don -- Can we put this on the 1.1 plate? 

Robert -- TC needs to be familiar with use cases before
putting on 1.1. plate. 

MP -- Need to update use cases in feature discussion.
(Action item)

Tabled until next week.

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