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Subject: Groups - Action Item Modified: #0010 Include "Tips and Tricks" docume...

OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC member,

Seraphim Larsen has modified this action item.

Number: #0010
Description: Include "Tips and Tricks" docume...
Owner: Don Day
Status: Open
Due: 25 Oct 2005

Seraphim Larsen  2005-07-22 16:40 GMT
009 "Best Practices" document -- Let's put this on the agenda for future discussion.
    - 7/19/05 -- 
        - Don -- Do we as a TC need to own a "Best Practices" document?
        - Michael -- It's still a pretty shallow pool of companies who are implementing DITA.  IBM and Nokia could probably come up with something.
        - Indi -- Confers with Michael -- We need a broader user base to really come up with "Best Practices"
        - Michael -- We might think there's a "right" way to do something, but that doesn't necessarily make it a "best practice" that has emerged from multiple sources and has some weight behind it.
        - JoAnn -- At CIDM, we've been looking at the process maturity model -- and something wouldn't be recommended as a "Best Practice" till it's attained a certain level of maturity.  So she agrees -- it's probably premature.
        - Michael -- Perhaps we should put together a "tips and tricks", "recommendations and ideas" document, to help people get started.
    - So, let's keep this open, and redefine it as an agenda item for future discussion.
    - The action is to initiate the activity.

Seraphim Larsen  2005-07-22 16:41 GMT
010 Relationship between DITA and other topic-based architectures (such as S1000D) -- Need to incorporate this into the "Best Practices" document.  - 7/19/05 -- Merge this with Issue #009.

Seraphim Larsen  2005-10-18 15:25 GMT
Move this to DITA Wiki and close it.

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