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Subject: More on structured sections

Hello Don, 

I'm proposing to pull sections off the agenda for tomorrow's meeting until the #34 Constraints proposal is discussed and a new version of the structured-section proposal is uploaded to the documents section of the OASIS TC site.

We seem to have consensus on the following:

* Mapping sections to DITA implies mapping nested sections to "subtopics"

* MP's rule of thumb:  need to teach authors to use subtopics rather than sections if content has a unique title, more than one paragraph and requires nesting.  

* constraints proposal offers an architecture for limiting the content model of an element 

* adding a new structured-section element isn't widely supported

If everybody sets their own constraints for sections, interoperability would still be a problem.

I'm going to modify the proposal to consider the use of structured-section as a specialization.   

Being able to offer out-of-the-box editing for DITA without each vendor deciding on their own constraints seems like a good approach.  I'm interested in hearing from the other vendors about whether this is something that dovetails with their goals.


Yas Etessam

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