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dita message

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(Minutes taken by Seraphim Larsen <seraphim.l.larsen@intel.com>)

Date:  Tuesday, 14 February 2006
Time:  08:00am - 09:00am PT

DITA Technical Committee website:  
    - Public:
    - Members only: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita/
    - Wiki:         http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/

- Roll call -> We have quorum

- Review/approve minutes from previous meeting:
    - http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200602/msg00008.html (7
Feb 2006)
    - Don moves to accept the minutes as read (and corrected as
      indicated here --
      JoAnn seconds, no objections, minutes approved.

- Select a replacement Secretary (admin role) for the TC
    - Gershon Joseph volunteered.
    - DECISION:  Don proposes that Gershon take over the secretary
      role, Seraphim seconds, no objections, Gershon is now the new
      secretary, at least for the interim.

- Membership list "cleanup"--what OASIS actually says:
    - "The rule was modified this past summer to make it much easier
      to track than the old miss-2-out-of-3. It's now 2-in, 2-out.
      That is, if you attend 2 meetings in a row, you automatically
      are granted voting rights for the 3rd meeting. If you miss
      2 meetings in a row, you lose voting rights."

    - Don explained that the attendance tool on the website
      automatically applies these rules, updates people's status
      accordingly, and notifies people whose status is changing.

- Establish the DITA and Translation Subcommittee (vote):
    - Goals:
    - Don - Proposal is the make this a formal DITA/OASIS
    - JoAnn -- Set out four goals, as indicated in the message
      above, and summarized as follows:
        - (1) Sets up the liasison
        - (2) Publish guidelines to promote best practices
        - (3) Add methods to the specs to help vendors/users comply
          with standards
        - (4) Add DITA to XLIFF to DITA tool to the DITA TK

    - PROPOSAL -- JoAnn moves to establish a Translation
      Subcommittee to the DITA technical committee, with the purpose
      of attaining these goals.  Michael Priestley seconds.  No
      objections, approved by acclamation.

    - JoAnn -- If anyone wants to be included in the subcommittee,
      just send an email to JoAnn <joann.hackos@comtech-serv.com> or
      Don Day <dond@us.ibm.com>.

- Agree on process for prioritizing new, composite proposals for
  DITA 1.1
    - SUMMARY:  
        - Don and Seraphim made a proposal for trying to shorten the
          list of 1.1 items, since things are falling behind.
        - Michael Priestley made a counter-proposal, to complete the
          total list, and move forward with the work.  
        - Michael's proposal carried.  
        - After the list of items is completed and posted, Paul
          Prescod may make a future proposal, to cut down 1.1 to the
          key items, and push everything else off to 1.2.

    - DECISION -- Michael Priestley proposes that we (1) complete
      the blanket vote on the offlist items, and (2) push ahead on
      the work, and (3) revisit after a time, and vote whether to
      drop any items from 1.1 that are falling behind (dropped items
      to be deferred to 1.2).
        - Robert Anderson seconds, no objections, approved by
        - Paul Prescod may make a subsequent proposal in the future,
          after the total list of items is completed, to the effect
          that we focus on a few key items for 1.1, and push
          everything else off to 1.2.  For now, this is not a formal
          proposal, but just a comment from Paul.

        - There are now about 60-70 items on the list for 1.1
        - The purpose here is to reprioritize, since the scope of
          proposals is very broad and progress has been slow.
        - Michael Priestley (MP) -- Would rather just push ahead and
          work on things, get things done, don't waste time on the
        - Paul Prescod (PP) -- Mostly agrees with Michael. To go
          through another prioritization process:  If we're just
          trimming here and there, it just takes too long.  If we're
          cutting the scope in half or by two-thirds, then maybe
          it's worth it.  If we're doing a big cut like that, do we
          have consensus on what should be cut?
        - Don -- That just seems like a delta on the proposal that's
          on the table.
        - PP -- Yes -- if you are going to prioritize, then you need
          to align the proposals to your goals.  What are the goals
          for this release?
        - Don -- Yes, that's another way we can do the cut.  
        - Indi Liepa -- Supports what Paul said, seems to make
          sense.  Better to make progress on key items.
        - MP -- Would really just like to start working.  But we
          haven't focused in on the right number of work items.
          Cutting some items out, isn't going to change much, since
          the work is distributed.  Concerned that we're spending
          too much time on process.  If we're going to open up, then
          let's make a radical cut.  But probably better just to
          push forward, and then cut things that have fallen behind.
          Premature (and requires too much process) to prioritize
          things now.
        - PP -- Let's be aggressive about completing the items that
          were going to be in 1.1, drop the rest?
        - MP -- After we have a complete list to look at, if PP can
          identify the things we can do for an early release, then
          we can take that approach:  finish those high-priority
          things for a timely 1.1 release, push everything else off
          to 1.2.

- (Previous work on items accepted for DITA 1.1:
    - http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/AcceptedAndCandidate)
    - Not covered

- ("left off the list" and unnumbered proposals for 1.1 scope:
    - http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/OffTheList#preview)
    - Not covered

- Announcements/Opens
    - Not covered


Seraphim Larsen                       CIG Operations / TPPE 
Senior Technical Writer                   Intel Corporation 
(480) 552-6504                                 Chandler, AZ 
The content of this message is my personal opinion only. 
Although I am an employee of Intel, the statements I make 
here in no way represent Intel's position on the issue, nor 
am I authorized to speak on behalf of Intel on this matter. 

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