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Subject: Keyref Questions and Suggestions

These questions are not relevant to 1.1 but should be answered in the
1.2 time-frame. They all refer to:


1. What happens if the same key is defined multiple times? What if this
happens due to map combination through mapref?

2. The proposal give the following example of a use of keyref:

	<p conref="topicone/mypara"/>

How is this not a conref to the top-level topic in a file called
"topicone/mypara"? Do we really want to create a convention that says
that you can reference a paragraph in another topic without using a
pound-sign? It seems quite inconsistent with DITA and with HTML/Web

3. The proposal suggests that it should be possible to refer to a topic
by topicid. A processor could only find a topic by topicid if it had an
index of all topics which it could only generate by reading every file
in a map. It seems to me that there are some performance implications to
that requirement.

4. It isn't really described why the fact that maps "focus on topics and
not elements" is a good thing. It isn't clear how it simplfies things to
allow some identifiers to be remapped and others to not to be. It is
pretty easy to imagine a use case where you want to redirect a glossary
or index entry reference at the element rather than topic level.

5. The way that the proposal suggests to use topicref titles seems
strange to me. In general, the whole idea of a "topicref without an
href" is weird, though DITA allows it. DITA's hierarchy would seem more
intuitive to me if it were like this:

    topicref - requires @href
    topicgroup - meaningless wrapper, no @href
        topichead - no @href

6. The Costs section should address global link checking and management.
This is much more complicated in the face of keyref.

 Paul Prescod

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