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Subject: issue 20 (conditional processing) discussion results

Summarizing status of the discussion on conditional processing from our telecon meeting on Monday  May 1st. Discussion is relative to the current proposal at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/17329/IssueNumber20.html

The following interested parties were on the call: Robert Anderson, Dana Spradley, Paul Prescod, Paul Grosso, Erik Hennum, Bruce Esrig, Michael Priestley.

We agreed that:

- props and base will be specializable attributes both using the same tokenized syntax and generalization behaviors
(open: should rev be added to these, or be specialized off props? if added as specialization, do we want to allow filtering based on rev? currently only allows flagging)

- specialization will be allowed to arbitrary levels, and use Robert's format for generalization

- ditaval actions against parent attributes will match against their children, but not vice versa

example: excluding platform="linux" will also exclude opsys="linux"; but exclude opsys="linux" will NOT exclude platform="linux".

- value hierarchies will not be modeled in 1.1, but we will attempt to build a demo capability into the toolkit showing how it could work in 1.2 using maps and keys (open: if this approach not acceptable to external stakeholders eg Deborah Pickett, we will take the value hierarchy proposal separately to the TC for a vote).

- element-specific attributes, and non-tokenized attribute specialization, are deferred to a later release
- negative values will not be modeled in 1.1

- open: how to reconcile color conflicts when an element is flagged by two matches?

Michael Priestley
IBM DITA Architect and Classification Schema PDT Lead

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