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Subject: transitional text and conref with delta

Hi, Esteemed Technical Committee:

As a followup to today's discussion, I'd like to add one more alternative to Robert's list of options for transitional text:


If DITA 1.2 introduces the feature of conref push or pull with delta:


a writer could insert or append transitional text to any topic.

This approach has several benefits:

It also addresses the concerns about the potential for inline transitions to mingle content into the context.

For those reasons, I'd suggest that we defer the transitional text issue, get DITA 1.1 out the door, and bear down on DITA 1.2 including conref with delta. If we discover that conref with delta doesn't solve the transitional text problem, we can always introduce a different solution. If conref with delta does work, we will have avoided creating legacy that has to be deprecated later.


Erik Hennum

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