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Subject: RE: [dita] Complexity of bookmap content model

Now that we're getting down to detail...

> <!ELEMENT bookmap (title, bookmeta?,
>       frontmatter?, chapter*, part*, backmatter?,
>       colophon?, reltable* )>

The current model has two ways of representing the title. I don't
totally understand that design but hope to within a few days.

Can we move colophon into the backmatter?

> <!ELEMENT frontmatter (booklists | draftintro |
>        abstract | dedication | preface | topicref)*>

Looks good.

> <!ELEMENT backmatter (appendix*, notices?
>        specialnotices*, amendments?, topicref* )>

Is there a reason to enforce order and cardinality on the backmatter but
not the frontmatter?

> <!ELEMENT part (topicmeta?, chapter*)>

What about the extra topicref for specialization?

 Paul Prescod

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