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Subject: Bookmap updates

Based on responses (or lack of responses) to all of the recent bookmap
notes, I propose the following updates to the bookmap content model. At
today's call we can vote on these changes as a group. This set of changes
does not include or rule out any of Mark Posten's suggested updates for
numbering schemes - those will be another agenda item at today's call.

<!ELEMENT bookmap ((title | booktitle)?, bookmeta?,
    frontmatter?, chapter*, part*, appendix*, backmatter?,
    reltable* )>

<!ELEMENT frontmatter (booklists | notices |
    dedication | colophon | abstract |
    draftintro | preface | topicref)*>

<!ELEMENT backmatter (booklists | notices |
    dedication | colophon | amendments | topicref)*>

<!ELEMENT part (topicmeta?, (chapter | topicref)*)>

For reference, here is the unchanged booklists element, which can go in
both the front and the back matter:
<!ELEMENT booklists (toc | figurelist | tablelist |
    abbrevlist | trademarklist | bibliolist |
    glossarylist | indexlist | booklist)*>

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit
(507) 253-8787, T/L 553-8787

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