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dita message

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Subject: indexing question

Looking at the 1.1 DTDs, as far as I can tell,
indexterm isn't allowed as a child of topic.
In fact, the earliest indexterm is allowed
in a topic seems to be within keywords within 
metadata within prolog.

Suppose one wants to use index-range-start and
index-range-end to index an entire topic.  It
seems the soonest one can put the index-range-start
in a topic is within the prolog.  But suppose one
has an abstract longer than a page.  Then the
index-range-start within the prolog (which follows
the abstract) will not pick up the first page of
the topic.

This seems to be a problem.  Do we need to allow
indexterm in title, perhaps?  Is there a better

I think we are also going to have a similar problem
at the bottom of a topic.  Suppose the last thing
in your topic is related-links.  Where can you put
the index-range-end so that you can be sure it is
on the last page of the topic?


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