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Subject: RE: [dita] indexing question

Hi, Paul (Grosso) and Indexing Enthusiasts:

To follow up on the index range question, we had a fair bit of discussion about ranges last Fall. The consensus at the time was that ranges should be set explicitly. A sample from the thread:

I guess my perspective remains that an indexterm in the prolog could be treated as a special case of a general rule: that an indexterm covers the content of its container and that processing emits a page range if the indexed container extends to more than 2 pages.

Even so, I don't want to undo the progress we've made:

Can we isolate any anomalies in the current indexing proposal and fix those quickly without changing the fundamental approach?

Paul, are you aware of other hiccups besides the requirement to index an entire topic from start of the title through the end of the related links or the end of the nested topics?

Chris (Wong), as the lead on the indexing proposal, do you have any suggestions?

Hoping that's useful,

Erik Hennum

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          "Grosso, Paul" <pgrosso@ptc.com>

          06/29/2006 05:05 PM





RE: [dita] indexing question

From: Erik Hennum [mailto:ehennum@us.ibm.com]
Thursday, 2006 June 29 18:13
JoAnn Hackos
dita@lists.oasis-open.org; Grosso, Paul
RE: [dita] indexing question

That said, we still need a way to generate a range over the whole topic.

Huh? I would have thought what you just said in the first paragraph means that an indexterm within the prolog generates a range over the whole topic. Now I'm really confused.

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