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Subject: question on <resource> element in bookmap


I'm working on reference pages for the new bookmap elements and a having trouble documenting the <resource> element. It is currently in the DTD as a child of
either <personname> or <organizationnamedetails>, basically a part of the authoring information.  But I don't have any idea what it's supposed to be.  It's a specialization of <xref>, and the content model is

<!ELEMENT resource        (%words.cnt;)*>
<!ATTLIST resource        href          CDATA   #IMPLIED
                          keyref        CDATA #IMPLIED
                          type          CDATA   #IMPLIED
                          format        CDATA   #IMPLIED
                          scope         (local|peer|external)   "external"
                          outputclass   CDATA   #IMPLIED

I can't find an element with this name in xNAL, DocBook, or Dublin Core, and have no idea how to define it.  I've discussed it with some of the TC folks from IBM, and none of them know what it does either, though it shows up in our original bkinfo design.

So, I'm inviting anyone who has a need for the <resource> element as part of the authoring information - and therefore has a definition for what it is - to provide me with that information.  If no one is using it, then I will ask that it be removed from the bookmap architecture at Tuesday's TC meeting, before it ends up in DITA 1.1 and gets much harder to remove.



Nancy Harrison
IBM Rational Software
Phone: 781-676-2535

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