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dita message

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Subject: global index-sort-as [was: Are indexterm ranges backwards incompatible?]

	From: Esrig, Bruce (Bruce) [mailto:esrig@lucent.com] 
	Sent: Wednesday, 2006 August 16 05:45
	To: Paul Prescod; Dana Spradley; Michael Priestley
	Cc: Chris Wong; dita@lists.oasis-open.org; JoAnn Hackos; Grosso,
	Subject: RE: [dita] Are indexterm ranges backwards incompatible?
	The wiki page
	is again more up to date.




 Global sort order is supported through <index-sort-as>
 entries in ...

We have not discussed this since we've started 
rediscussing indexterms, and I had asked a few
questions about this in my earlier email at
that were never answered.

That email is a bit old relative to more recent
understandings and decisions, but there are still
ambiguities about "global sort-as", and I don't
remember discussing it or deciding on it lately.


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