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Subject: Re: [dita] figgroup: whither <data>?

OK if we defer to 1.2? I'm wary of touching the DTDs/Schemas at this stage for 1.1.

Michael Priestley
IBM DITA Architect and Classification Schema PDT Lead


01/18/2007 09:36 PM

[dita] figgroup: whither <data>?

This looks like an oversight...

The content model for figgroup is just enough to allow for the one specialization of it that DITA ships with: syntax diagrams.

<!ELEMENT figgroup      ((%title;)?,

                        (%figgroup; | %xref; | %fn; | %ph; |

                         %keyword;)* )                              >

Conspicuously missing from that list are state, term, data and foreign (perhaps also boolean, indexterm and foreign).  Granted, these could be wrapped in a ph, but the extra level of wrapping isn't always sensible in the context of a specialization.

I'd like to see at least the four basic elements state, term, data and foreign included into figgroup's content model, befitting its role as a base for specializations.

Deborah Pickett

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