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Subject: Re: [dita] Policy Decision: Loose or Not

Dana Spradley wrote:
> Then the most logical choice would be to eliminate ditabase from the 
> standard - and let implementors do their own ditabases as a practical 
> measure, if they want to give authors a way of writing non-conformant 
> topic collections prior to splitting them up into conformant topics.

I can't agree--doing so would make invalid specializations and
customizations that are today valid but that are not completely
unconstrained. In a general standard like DITA it is simply wrong to
impose arbitrary constraints that are not universally accepted. We've
already established that there are times when it is reasonable to allow
different topic types to nest in a controlled way, so we cannot argue
that only allowing like topic types to nest is universally accepted.
Therefore it would be wrong to make the most restrictive rules normative.



W. Eliot Kimber
Professional Services
Innodata Isogen
8500 N. Mopac, Suite 402
Austin, TX 78759
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