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Subject: RE: [dita] Should "warning" be in note type list?


Yes you are right, actually the types Warning and Notice are missing. Both are described by the ANSI Z535 standard which is listing the levels Notice, Caution, Warning and Danger. And ISO 3864-2 which is listing Caution, Warning and Danger as hazard statement levels.

In November last year I added another proposal into the discussion at the DITA - TC which I rated as more-or-less urgent. At the TC we decided to postpone it to DITA 1.2 to ensure that the DITA 1.1 standard no longer gets delayed.
Due to that decission we decided to bring in all DITA Machine Industry SC proposals for DITA 1.2 and not DITA 1.1.

As Amber already mentioned we worked on a proposal for the note element and a domain specialization of it. Which became our first proposal released by the DITA Machine Industry SC on January 23rd 2007 as MI01 proposal for DITA 1.2.

For details see:http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita-machine-industry/download.php/21476/Issue5-v2-3.pdf

As soon as the TC has released DITA 1.1 into the public review we will transfer our proposal for DITA 1.2 up to the TC.

If you need further information to that proposal and our SC activities, please do not hesitate and contact me.

Best regards



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