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Subject: Minutes for 2007 Feb 6th

First, TC sends condolences to Gershon Joseph and his family.

1: status of specification draft
- Michael Priestley: architectural spec - still some Jeff Ogden comments to incorporate, as well as chunk att description, ditaval description to move to language spec
        - expect final draft later today
- Robert Anderson: language spec - table of attributes, ditaval description to incorporate, examples to add as time permits
- expect CD vote next week

2. Eliot Kimber issue summary:
- Michael Priestley has made changes - using editorial privilege, no word from Eliot

3. conref href value issue:
- Michael Priestley has made changes - open issue is whether fragment identifier is valid according to URI spec - default is to leave description as-is, absent input

4. chunk attribute proposal:
 - Jeff Ogden providing later today, then being pulled into spec by MP

5. change to schema design:
 - Eric Sirois:
        bind class attribute to element rather than having separate type
        change will not break existing specializations
        requires change to write up in arch spec for schema creation - ES todo
Don Day moves to accept change/refactoring of schemas to move class att
MP second
no objections

recommended tests: validate specialization against new base, build output using new schemas, view attribute in editor
michael gannon: make sure we do major testing - this is a comprehensive change and late in the schedule

also: list of defined schema values/identifiers
        equivalent to public identifiers for DTDs
        requires incorporating into arch spec - ES to send updated topic to MP

6. review CD schedule - aim for CD vote next week

machine industries SC report: chris kravogel
        domain proposal almost ready
        next, working on structural specialization proposals - march for two small ones, early summer for maintenance task
        will be aimed at 1.2, aim for inclusion in dita-ot as demos first

Michael Priestley
IBM DITA Architect and Classification Schema PDT Lead

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