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Subject: Interest in Forming a Help (User Assistance) Sub-Committee

Dear All

Stan Doherty and I have been working on the idea of establishing a DITA Help sub-committee. We're at the stage where we think the purpose of a DITA Help SC will be to:

. develop a top-level design for authoring of Help systems and user assistance content for implementation using DITA; 

. establish recommendations for the integration of DITA-authored Help systems and software applications using context-sensitivity; 

. remove the obstacles to effective use of DITA for Help systems through the creation of best practice guidelines, cookbooks and worked examples, and to promote the use of DITA for creating Help systems and user assistance content; 

. develop informal support for processing DITA for delivery as Help systems and user assistance; 
establish guidelines that promote best practices for applying standard DITA approaches to Help systems and user assistance content.

If anyone feels inclined to participate in such a SC, would you like to drop Stan and/or myself a quick mail? We can then keep you in the loop while we get it started. My e-mail is tself@hyperwrite.com, and Stan's is Stanley.Doherty@sun.com. We'd really appreciate input!!


Tony Self

HyperWrite Pty Ltd
PO Box 4266
Mulgrave  VIC  3170
Tel: +61 3 9803 8291 

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