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Subject: Versioned Public IDs: why only shells?

I'd like to know if this is deliberate, or an oversight, or Not The TC's Problem.

So we have versioned public IDs for DTD shells now:
  "-//OASIS//DTD DITA 1.1 Concept//EN"
Good, that helps interoperability when not everyone has upgraded to DITA 1.1.

But I don't see versioned public IDs for the elements/entities files:
but not
  "-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DITA 1.1 Concept//EN"

Why?  Are the contents of the modules guaranteed not to change, ever?  It seems that they already have changed from 1.0 to 1.1.

I can imagine situations where I will be using both a DITA 1.0 Concept shell, and a DITA 1.1 Concept shell, at different times.  Each shell DTD contains the lines:
<!ENTITY % concept-typemod
"concept.mod"                                                        >

By not having a versioned public ID for "-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DITA Concept//EN", I can't select a 1.0 concept.mod vs. a 1.1 concept.mod except by having no catalog entry for "-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DITA Concept//EN", allowing the public ID lookup to fail and to fall back to the system ID, which I can arrange to be in separate directories.  But then I have to have a concept.mod in every directory that has a shell DTD, including my own company-specific stuff.

Deborah Pickett
Information Architect, Moldflow Corporation, Melbourne

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