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Subject: DITA Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 25 September 2007

approve minutes:
don moves to approve
rob frankland seconds
accepted by acclamation

keep an eye on daylight savings time - coming up for eastern time zone in US, which sets time for TC calls

12055 - define map referencing behavior
defer to next week, discussion being taken back to the list

12020 - allow easy reuse of small pieces of text
need to pick up proposal in list discussion, identify any outstanding issues
stan doherty to followup with deborah pickett to create consolidated proposal

spec toc:
- please review since it is input to the discussion of scope for 1.2
- note that it assumes specializations will now be documented in separate documents on a per-package or industry basis

missing designs:
- general task type

next proposals:

- note design proposal templates have space for literal text for spec
- design cutoffs third week of november
- aim for complete spec draft end of year
- then spec review in spring

12024, 12040 - ready in 1 month

12007 - keyref/indirect referencing - MP to take first steps, set up first mtg

12008, 12010: AH to update list to show design-approved

12011 - general task type - Yas Etessam to schedule next mtg for working group - meeting details to follow

12013 - referencing range of elements: Yas to schedule mtg

12014, 12015 - MP need to update use case for 12014, then propose - no other working group members

12016 - MP to update use cases, review with workgroup members: AH, EK, MP, Steve Manning, Erik Hennum

12020 - handled above, to review next week

12021 - nested sections: need Jim Earley to update - ask again next week

12026 - glossary: EH will work on this after 12031

12031 - taxonomies/controlled values: EH to submit updated design to interested parties this week/next

12035 - generic collation element: waiting on update from Deborah Pickett - DD to followup

12047 - moving mapsetref, topicsetref etc. into mapgroup domain - EK will pick up next month

learning and training specializations: should also be contributed by third week november

Michael Priestley
Lead IBM DITA Architect

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