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Subject: Re: [dita] Groups - IssueNumber12011v1.2rev2.html uploaded

I don't know if this got discussed at the call this morning, but the proposed content model cannot be generalized back to <topic>.

taskbody: (prereq?,context?,(steps | steps-unordered | process),result?,example?,postreq?)
steps: (section?, step)+
process: (section)+

steps/@class = "- topic/ol task/steps "
section/@class = "- topic/section "

You can't put a <section> into an <ol>.

Probably the same applies to <section> inside <process>, since I imagine that process/@class = "- topic/section task/process ".  Unless headway has been made on the nested section proposal.

Also, from the November 27 minutes:
>             The TC questioned the need for <itemgroup> and felt that <info>
>             should be useful for specializing.
>             Alan will take <itemgroup> back to DP for further discussion offline.

This hasn't been addressed.  Last I saw was this message from Michael Priestley:
> I can also see the point of allowing <note> and <itemgroup> into the content model of <step>. Although in the case of itemgroup I can't think of any case where <info> wouldn't do the job, I accept that there are some things I probably haven't thought of, and <itemgroup> is certainly even more generic than <info>. And this isn't an issue that strikes at the identity of the task infotype, like allowing multiple sets of steps would (for me).

I feel strongly that the generic <task> has to be useful for specializers, even if that means providing extension points like <itemgroup> that are of no current use to authors.  The point of #12007 is that these kinds of elements can be hidden from authors until a specializer has a use for them.

Deborah Pickett
Information Architect, Moldflow Pty Ltd, Melbourne

From: arh@groupwellesley.com
To: dita@lists.oasis-open.org
Date: 18/12/2007 03:39 PM
Subject: [dita] Groups - IssueNumber12011v1.2rev2.html uploaded

The document named IssueNumber12011v1.2rev2.html has been submitted by Alan
Houser* to the OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC
document repository.

Document Description:
HTML Version of DITA 1.2 Feature Proposal #12011.

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