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Subject: Test Environment for SC Business

Hello DITA Technical Committee.

The Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee (SIDSC) has released
two drafts of the "sidsc-component" specialization, which addresses a
very important information type to semiconductor businesses, tool
vendors, and other service providers.

We are struggling to get adequate testing support of the specialization
from all SC members. All member companies are active in the requirements
analysis. However, most of the SC are not yet DITA users; many are not
XML users. As such, only a few participants have a working DITA OT
environment. Most are not able to ensure that their diligent analysis
has been properly implemented (or that the analysis is correct, for that

We want to make sure that we are serving the needs of the industry and
that we've sufficiently exercised our work before we submit it to the

What are our options for providing an accessible testing environment for
these valued members?

I would gladly represent/clarify this issue on the Feb. 5 TC call.

Kind regards,

Seth Park
Information Architect
Microcontroller Solutions Group
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
phone: 512.895-2463
email: seth.park@freescale.com

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