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Subject: RE: [dita] Need Clarification on Implications of Different List MarkupPatterns

Hi, Eric:

The constraints feature (approved for DITA 1.2) provides a separation of concerns for extension and authoring in document design:

Does this mechanism meet the requirements for the two tiers that you are envisaging?

Hoping that's interesting?

Erik Hennum

<Eric.Severson@flatironssolutions.com> wrote on 02/12/2008 05:53:17 PM:

> What I would like the committee to consider is:
> - Keeping the base topic and standard specializations loose enough to
> fit a variety of actual legacy data and internal standards, while still
> enforcing the basics of DITA
> - Developing tighter "best practices" specializations of these that can
> serve as a role model for good markup, and that might also be used for
> new content vs. legacy content
> What I think we DON'T want to do is to make the base spec so tight that
> it makes adopting DITA a matter of having to rewrite all your content
> immediately, or of being forced to accept a particular idea of "best
> practices" writing that may not match your own.
> This "two-tier" approach could potentially give us the best of BOTH
> worlds.

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