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Subject: Re: [dita] Question about DITA 1.2 item 12021

Robert D Anderson wrote:

> 2) The attributes for sectiondiv and bodydiv are not described. I plan to
> use univ-atts and outputclass.

That seems appropriate to me.

> 3) Should bodydiv be added to the content model for conbody or refbody? If
> added to conbody, should it be available only at the end, mixed with
> sections and examples? Currently, sections and examples can only be used at
> the end of conbody. I plan to leave bodydiv out of these models unless I
> hear otherwise.

I would certainly expect bodydiv to be available anywhere within body, 
not just where section is allowed, since it is not necessarily 
structural in the sense that section is, but may be used to simply group 
things for some purpose specific to a given author or specialization.

> 4) Should sectiondiv be added to the content model of refsyn or the various
> section specializations in task? That seems logical, but I have not added
> it yet because I am not instructed to do so in the proposal. If it is added
> to the "section.cnt" and "section.notitle.cnt" entities, which seems
> correct, this will happen by default. That would also mean changing
> <example> to use its own entity, rather than reusing section.cnt.

Again, I would expect sectiondiv to be available within any 
specialization of section where it wasn't obviously inappropriate 
(because the section specialization was very highly specialized, for 



Eliot Kimber
Senior Solutions Architect
"Bringing Strategy, Content, and Technology Together"
Main: 610.631.6770

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