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Subject: DITA 1.2 item - missing portion of 12050a

When approving 12018 (elements for text attributes), we agreed to create a
referencing element to go in longquote, along the lines of longdescref. We
agreed to make that a part of the longdescref proposal:

However, it did not make it into the 12050a proposal:

I have not implemented anything in the DTD, because we have not actually
approved a specific model for this element. Not being well versed in the
OASIS rules of order, I am not sure if it is
a) too late for this element, so it moves to 1.3
b) something to be corrected, because we did approve making this a part of
12050a (though well before 12050a was written up and approved).

As the implementer, it appears I have no choice except to do (a) unless we
update the 12050a proposal.

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit
(507) 253-8787, T/L 553-8787 (Good Monday & Thursday)

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