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Subject: Machine Industry Task question


I had some questions about the mitask implementation and ran them by Chris
Kravogel, who requested that they be discussed at the TC. So, this is a
note to get them on the agenda.

Background: the machine industry task domain contains the elements prelreqs
and closereqs. From what I can tell, these have the same semantic meaning
as prereq and postreq, though with much a much more specific content model.
The prelreqs element is specialized from section, and the closereqs element
is specialized from example. I asked Chris why closereqs comes from example
(it is primarily so that closereqs appears at the end of the task). I
suggested that the 2 elements actually be specialized from prereq and
postreq, which is now legal in DITA 1.2, but the machine industry SC is
reluctant because the domain could no longer be used in tasks that are not
specialized from task.

So, Chris and I would like to discuss these questions:
1. Should our designs anticipate support for specialized tasks that are not
specialized from task, or does the TC disapprove of specializing alternate
tasks with no relationship to the OASIS task?
2. If so, is the TC also OK with specializing closereqs from example, when
it is not an example? Given the close semantic relationship between
prelreqs/prereq and closereqs/postreq, are we OK with having no defined
3. If the domain is designed to be used outside of the OASIS DITA Task
module, I have some discomfort with calling it the OASIS "mitask" domain,
because it implies a relationship to the OASIS task - do others share this

Thanks -

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit
(507) 253-8787, T/L 553-8787 (Good Monday & Thursday)

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