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Subject: Re: [dita] DITA 1.2 specification documents

I was going to try to put together a matrix of possible shell doctypes, with industry vs discipline - but it ended up collapsing into something shorter since some things didn't really fit the matrix:

Base: topic and map plus utility domains

Generic tech comm: topic, concept, task, general task, glossary (incorp. hazard and utility domains), map with utlities
SW tech comm: topic, concept, task, general task, glossary (incorp. hazard, utility, sw, programming, ui domains), map with utilities
MI tech comm: same as SW tech comm plus mitask, map with utilities

Learning and training generic: same as generic tech comm plus l&t topic types, domains, and new map shell
Learning and training SW: same as SW tech comm plus l&t topic types, domains, 2 new map shells (map and bookmap with learning and classification domains)
Learning and training MI: same as l&t SW plus mitask with l&t domains

Publishing: bookmap (with xnal and utility domains)
Classification: two new map shells for taxo extensions (1 for taxo, 1 with domain for referencing taxo)

With the inclusion of hazard domains in SW, the difference between SW and MI ends up just being the MITask - which raises the question whether we couldn't choose to combine them into a single package. If we did that, but maintained the generic form, we'd end up with this list:

Base: 1 topic shell, 1 map shell
Generic tech comm: 4 topic shells, plus copy of base topic and map
Industry tech comm: 5 topic shells, plus copy of base map
Generic learning: 10 topic shells, 2 map shells (5 topic from tech comm with map domains, plus 5 new topic, plus 2 new map)
Industry learning: 11 topic shells, 2 map shells (same as generic but with SW domains and MITask added)
Publishing: 1 map shells
Classification: 2 map shells (taxo map, plus base map with classification domain)

I think this is a useful set of shells, but it definitely calls out that learning and training are the big spenders in terms of specializations :-) I'll leave it to the learning and training subcommittee as to whether the generic and industry variants are worth the extra shells.

Also remember we're not talking about users seeing all these shells in one giant list - the idea is that they would select the package that applies to their needs, and get just the shells they need, preconfigured with the relevant domains. So we're providing more shells upfront to make it easier for people to use out of the box, as opposed to providing fewer shells upfront but requiring more users to create their own shells.

Anything I've missed? Thoughts/responses?

Michael Priestley
Lead IBM DITA Architect

"Ogden, Jeff" <jogden@ptc.com>

07/01/2008 10:58 AM

[dita] DITA 1.2 specification documents

Here is the list of planned DITA 1.2 specification documents as of the last time we talked about this.
a)       DITA 1.2 Base Architectural Specification (introduction, topic, map, and metadata markup, processing including delayed resolution, specialization including constraints).
b)       DITA 1.2 Base Language Reference (map, topic, metadata including delayed resolution, map group domain).
c)       DITA 1.2 Utility Domain Specializations Architecture and Language Reference (utilities, highlighting, and hazard statement domains).
d)       DITA 1.2 xNAL Domain Specializations Architecture and Language Reference.
e)       DITA 1.2 Technical Content Architecture and Language Reference (concept, task, reference, glossary).
f)         DITA 1.2 Software, Programming, and User Interface Domains Specializations Architecture and Language Reference.
g)       DITA 1.2 Book Architecture and Language Reference (bookmap).
h)       DITA 1.2 Learning and Training Content Architecture and Language Reference.
i)         DITA 1.2 Machine Industry Architecture and Language Reference.
j)         DITA 1.2 Semantic Linking, Controlled Values, and Taxonomies Architecture and Language Reference.
k)        DITA 1.2 Processing Guidelines and Examples (non-normative).
Item (e) might or might not be renamed.
Item (f) might or might not have some doctype shells added.
I would still like to create item (k), but suspect that we should drop it from the DITA 1.2 work and do it later as a “best practice” or similar document that is non-normative and outside of the DITA 1.2 Specification.
Given recent discussions it is possible that we may want to combine some of these items, but exactly how isn’t clear to me at this point.

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