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Subject: Suggested DITA TC charter rewording

Relative to:

These are the bits I thought might need to come out or be reworded:

"The tasks of the TC include
- To encourage cooperation within and between the various topical domains of potential DITA users"

Suggested change: "cooperation" to "interoperability" - focus on technology rather than people, ceding adoption space to the Adoption TC.

"...the TC will seek to encourage specific specialized extensions of the DITA specification, as well as these deliverables:
 - guidelines and methodologies for the development of DITA specializations by a user community "

Suggested change: "the TC will support the development of specialized extensions of the DITA specification, including documentation of the process required to create and validate new specializations for specific user communities, and review of specializations contributed to OASIS.".

General changes: There's a bunch of stuff in the list of deliverables section that is now clearly out of date (like setting a 1-year timeline for when we'll have namespaces :-).

New change to provide TC interlock:
- under the list of TC activities, add something like the following:

"- Identify a liaison with the DITA Adoption Technical Committee, who will be responsible for notifying the DITA Adoption TC of upcoming internal reviews for DITA TC deliverables; ensure that the DITA Adoption TC has timely access to these internal reviews; and ensure that any comments from members of the DITA Adoption TC are brought to the DITA TC prior to any vote to release deliverables for public review
- Prior to any vote that releases deliverables for public review, the DITA TC will provide a response to any comments received from the DITA Adoption TC"

The goal here is to make sure that we have a process checkpoint before releasing material to the public to ensure that we've got a common voice across the two TCs. Since the two TCs are designed to attract and organize different types of member, I think it's worth adding the process wording including the formal liaison role - so even if over time the memberships develop to have less overlap (which seems likely) we'll have a checkpoint in place to make sure the activities continue to be coordinated.

Michael Priestley
Lead IBM DITA Architect

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