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Subject: DITA Help Best Practices Draft Ready for TC Feedback

Hi all --

The DITA Help Subcommittee has posted a near-complete draft of its 
Best Practices Guide (also attached for your convenience). We are 
hoping to incorporate additional topics on Madcap Flare, Quadralay, 
and DITA Help resources in the next 2 - 3 weeks.

NOTE: The Guide will not receive a final edit nor a final 
production pass until all the  content for the first release of it 
is complete (next month).

We would appreciate any and all feedback ... please send to:
- The author of each topic (cited in context)
- Tony Self, chair (tself@hyperwrite.com)
- Stan Doherty, editor (stan@modularwriting.com)

Ideally, we'd love to get feedback in the next two weeks ... 
feedback received after 11/18 is welcome, but may not get 
incorporated until the next release of the Guide.

Stan Doherty

P.S. The attached PDF has Adobe Reader commenting enabled. 


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