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Subject: Conref push for static output formats

Hi everyone,

I think we could use some clarification on the processing exectations
for the "conref push" feature.

Using the examples from here:
tml , it is basically clear how things should work if both the
default.dita and the source.dita topics are available to the processor
to be combined. I understand that this is the case in Eclipse, where the
combining of topics is done at runtime. It would also be the case for,
say, PDF output, if both topics are in the same map.

However, what if the author of source.dita does not have the ability to
edit the map file that default.dita is in? If source.dita and
default.dita are in totally separate maps, which of the two maps do I
give to the Open Toolkit when I want to create a PDF file?

I asked Robert Anderson this question earlier, and his response wasy,
"I'm not sure I can answer that. All of the scenarios I've
worked through in my own mind have the content available (both source
and target). This might be a question that's best left to the TC list."
So - over to the rest of you :)


Su-Laine Yeo
Interaction Design Specialist 

JustSystems Canada, Inc.
Office: 778-327-6356 

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