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Subject: New language spec drafts


The latest posted drafts contain many review comments that I've gotten over
the past two months.

I still have a number of comments to get through, but it's been a long time
since the last draft was posted so I needed to get out an update. I am
still working through comments from the following people:
Erik Hennum
David Helfinstine
Kris Eberlein
Robin Sloan
Indi Liepa
Su-Laine Yeo

I am also planning to work on getting markers into the output for new
elements and spec sections.

Anybody else who sent me comments should have gotten a note back with my
response to the comments. If you sent comments but did not get any response
and are not in the previous list, please let me know, in case I misfiled
your note. You may also want to check the draft to see if the section has
been updated.

Thanks -

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit

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