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Subject: DITA Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 27 January 2008


Gershon Joseph
Technical Leader
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DITA Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 27 January 2008

Chaired by Don Day <dond@us.ibm.com>
Minutes recorded by Gershon Joseph <gerjosep@cisco.com>

The DITA Technical Committee met on Tuesday, 27 January 2008 at 08:00am PT for
60 minutes.

Roll call (Regrets: Jim Early)
  > We have quorum.

Approve minutes from previous business meetings:
  * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200901/msg00033.html (20 Jan 2009)

  > Accepted by acclamation.

Subcommittee reports (as needed) 
  * OASIS DITA Translation Subcommittee 
  * OASIS DITA Learning Content Subcommittee 
  * OASIS DITA Machine Industry Subcommittee
  * OASIS DITA Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee (tentatively Feb 3)
  * OASIS DITA for Enterprise Business Documents Subcommittee (tentatively Feb 24)
  * OASIS DITA Help Subcommittee (tentatively Feb 10)
  * OASIS DITA for Technical Standards (tentatively Feb 17)
  * OASIS DITA Adoption TC
    > The TC meetings have been moved to Wednesdays. Anyone on this TC who would like to
    > join the Adoption TC now that the meetings are on Wednesdays are welcome to join.


1.  ITEM: 2009 schedule; First quarter review goals 
    * AI (Don and Gershon): Note to McRae about CMS (initiated draft)
      > CONTINUED.
    * AI (Don): Send outline to Jeff for comments (sent, no reply yet)
      > CLOSED.
    * AI (Don): Send note to TC for volunteers (sent, many replies)
      > CLOSED.
    * reassign Jeff's items: 
      * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200901/msg00027.html
    > CLOSED (carried over to items 2 and 3 below).

2.  ITEM: review Master Topic List--Gershon 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200901/msg00030.html () 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200901/msg00042.html (Gershon)

    > Gershon to update the spreadsheet based on the draft 1.2 TOC (outline) plus 
    > additional input from Michael on specialization TOC changes.
    > Gershon to add columns for writer assignment plus status and review columns plus status (done).
    > Don designated Gershon as the maintainer of the spreadsheet and will provide 
    > updates at the TC meetings.
    > Michael mentioned that the TOC should still be maintained in the Wiki. Gershon 
    > confirmed we're all on the same page about this -- the spreadsheet is to manage 
    > the topics, while the TOC is to manage the ditamaps.
    > Michael asked Gershon to update the dita map based on the updated TOC outline.

3.  ITEM: DITA 1.2 Specification Review Assignments 
    * http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/Draft_DITA_1.2_Specification_Review_Assignments

    > ACTION: Gershon to copy this data into the spreadsheet and then review the spreadsheet.

4.  New ITEM: "Conref push for static output formats" discussion 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200812/msg00006.html 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200812/msg00007.html


5.  New ITEM: Map structure and possible new attribute for conref push and anchorref 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200901/msg00034.html (Su-Laine Yeo, Eliot, Bruce)


6.  New ITEM: Cross-references to Topicheads and Implicit Title-only Topics 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200901/msg00039.html (Eliot, others)

    > Eliot defined the issue: The map has several layers of topichead and within the 
    > content you need to add a reference to the topichead. What does it mean to have an 
    > xref to a topichead in the map? The spec should then say the topicheads imply the 
    > title of a topic. Current DITA-OT HTML and PDF2 behaviors differ. TC members 
    > agreed that xref to a topichead is a valid use case and processing should generate 
    > an appropriate topic for the topichead and link to that topic as if the topichead 
    > was a topichead/topic pair. So the arch spec should say that topichead is 
    > equivalent to a topichead/topic pair. Clarification: topichead may also be a 
    > topicref with no @href. 
    > Another use case is the ability to xref to a map file. Robert asked what about if 
    > you need to reference a map that represents a different book?
    > Eliot: Use @scope = local vs external. 

    > Continue discussion on the list and revisit next week.

    > ACTION: Folks to contribute some more use cases to the list. In particular, use 
    > cases where users would not expect an associated topic to be created in the 
    > content area. 
    > Robert: Are there other publishing formats we have not considered where it could be 
    > considered differently -- in HTML and PDF we're covered, but what about other 
    > output formats? Don to follow up on this one.


-- meeting adjourned --

7.  ITEM: Behavior of q element 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200901/msg00005.html and following (Anderson) 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200901/msg00026.html (Anderson follow up) 

Ongoing checks: 

1.  ITEM: OASIS hosting of a Web GUI 
    * Review progress 

2.  ITEM: Request for input on DITA 1.2 use: 
    * Status of DITA OT 1.5 reference implementation of 1.2 features: 
      * http://dita.xml.org/wiki/plans-for-dita-ot-15 
    * Note new list below for collecting affirmations of use. 

3.  ITEM: Review 1.2 list for items that should be considered for 1.3 
    * Update the DITA 1.3 list on the Wiki (Gershon) 
    * Action check: Gershon to add his research into the DITA 1.3 Proposals table. 

4.  ITEM: Cascading/Inheritance of default values 
    * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200810/msg00009.html (ogden) 

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