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Subject: Mapref attribute resolution

Here's something for those seeking a bit of distraction...

I've been getting questions from different sources about how attributes
cascade through map references - specifically (but not limited to) the
scope/linking/toc attributes.

I've described some of the issues on our wiki. I was discussing some of
these issues with Jeff Ogden to flesh them out before coming to the TC, so
his comments are interspersed throughout the wiki page:

Specifically, the page relates issues such as these:
* If I reuse a map where one branch is excluded from the TOC - such as the
reltable - does a value of toc="yes" on my mapref force it to show up?
* If I reuse a map without setting @toc anywhere in my local map, does this
mean the target map uses the implied local default of toc="yes", or does it
mean we use the toc values specified in the target map?

There are a lot of use cases, and I don't think it is possible to meet them
all with the limited values we have on these attributes. If the answer is
"add new values or new attributes", then I expect to wait on DITA 1.3 to
make those changes, but I would like to get some clarification on expected
behaviors until we can make that change.

Thanks -

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit

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