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Subject: Re: [dita] use of <term>

I recall that there was a semantic linking feature on the table for DITA 1.1, which may have been associated with the <term> element. I believe it died more to lack of inertia than anything else.

I would concur with Paul Grosso's assessment that this would be application behavior, best left to implementers.

Alan Houser, President
Group Wellesley, Inc.

Christian Kravogel wrote:
244C2AE6FFED4089A5DEA896F3C199BE@SeicoDyne.local" type="cite">
I have just checked the langref of the element <term> in version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. All langref descriptions are identically with the following sentance:
The <term> element identifies words that represent extended definitions or explanations. In future development of DITA, for example, terms might provide associative linking to matching glossary entries.
As "future development of DITA" is mentioned within 3 DITA releases we may have either to change this text or to provide a solution. Or do we already have solved this, then we may have to update the text.
Best regards


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