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Subject: Re: AW: [dita] use of <term>

On 3/12/09 9:48 AM, "Christian Kravogel" <christian.kravogel@seicodyne.ch>

> Either we should provide associative linking to matching glossary entries as
> it is mentioned in the langref,

This is not possible (both because it's impossible in the general case for
all the reasons cited and because DITA is not processing standard and
therefore cannot provide associative linking. The best it can do is provide
features that *enable* associative linking. It already does that to the
greatest degree it can.)

> or we mention that the implementer can link the <term> with the
> corresponding <glossterm> via stylesheet i.e. xquery.
> I do not propose "deleting" but "giving unambiguous descriptions who do not
> create expectations we may not going to fullfill"

How about:
"It is impossible, in the general case, to programmatically associate terms
to their definitions with 100% accuracy. However, implementors are free to
apply whatever associative heuristics they choose in order to generate
associations between terms and potential definitions. Such heuristics may of
course take advantage of additional classifying metadata provide by the DITA
specification in addition to the base text of the term itself. The DITA
specification neither requires nor prohibits such behavior on the part of
DITA processors. Note that the keyref feature provides a reliable, flexible
mechanism for explicitly associating terms to their definitions in away that
allows map-level configuration of the binding between terms and



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