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Subject: Meeting Request: Issues About OASIS and OASIS-Approved Publications

Hi Mary --
In the process of reviewing the DITA Help Technologies Guide (attached), the DITA Technical Committee bumped into some issues -- some potentially legal -- that are beyond the scope of our TC. We suspect (and hope) that other TCs or working groups in OASIS have encountered and resolved such issues.
We are hoping that you could set up a concall next week with you and with the following DITA people:
- su-laine.yeo@justsystems.com
- tony.self@hyperwrite.com
- Micheal Priestley
- Don Day
- Stan Doherty
Two goals for the meeting --
1. Review the issues.
2. Identify from the OASIS side of things possible precedents, resources, and solution strategies
Stan Doherty

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