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Subject: Re: [dita-adoption] Proposal for new Tech Comm. subcommittee

I will add this to the DITA TC's agenda for initial discussion tomorrow,
Gershon. Thanks!

Note that the process for creating a new Subcommittee is described here:

To formally approve that resolution, the TC will require: the name,
statement of purpose, list of deliverables, and name of the Chair of the
SC.  Not incidentally, the SC should have a critical mass of members as
well--we'll discuss how this group of stakeholders and participants might
be contacted and gathered for this proposed SC.  We'll revisit progress
made on April 21 when you are again able to attend.

Don Day
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
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  From:       "Gershon Joseph (gerjosep)" <gerjosep@cisco.com>                                            
  To:         "DITA TC" <dita@lists.oasis-open.org>                                                       
  Cc:         <dita-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org>                                                        
  Date:       04/06/2009 06:13 AM                                                                         
  Subject:    [dita-adoption] Proposal for new Tech Comm. subcommittee                                    

At the DITA Adoption TC meeting on 1 April, I was given the following
action item:
    > ACTION: Gershon to suggest to the DITA TC the idea of forming a Tech
Comm. SC
    > to take ownership of the tech comm. specialization.
In DITA 1.2, we are moving the technical communications topic types
(concept, glossary entry, reference, task) and map type (bookmap) out from
the base spec into a new tech comm specialization. The DITA Adoption TC is
concerned that this will result in less attention to this important
specialization, which after all is the primary audience of the DITA spec.
The Adoption TC would like to propose the formation of a Tech Comm SC under
the DITA TC, whose charter will be to own the tech comm specializations and
manage them moving forward, similar to the efforts being done by the
learning & training and machinery SCs.

I will be unable to make the next 2 DITA TC meetings due to our Passover
holiday. Please could the TC discuss this proposal. I am willing to be
chair or co-chair of this new tech comm SC. If the TC prefers to wait for
me to return to discuss, that's also fine. We can discuss this item at the
April 21 TC meeting, which is the only TC meeting I am able to attend for
the rest of this month (I will be at CMS/DITA 2009 the last week of April).

Feel free to discuss this idea on the list.


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