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Subject: DITA Learning and Training Samples Work Group

The OASIS DITA Learning and Training Subcommittee is setting up a work group to develop a real-world training sample. The real-world training sample will use the new Learning and Training specialization included with the upcoming DITA 1.2 specification.


The sample will perform a number of important functions in the early adoption of DITA for Learning and Training amongst training organizations and tools vendors:


1. As a potential reference for technical integrators to test and evaluate the Learning and Training specialization for various commercial and open source implementations as available


2. As a set of sample DITA content templates for training organizations to use in the development of their own learning and training materials


3. As an example of best practices using design features of the Learning and Training specialization


4. As an example of single source training content for both instructor-led and online-based training


5. As the basis for a separate, comprehensive, technical test suite to verify design features and functionality of the DITA Learning and Training specialization


The work group kick-off meeting will be Thursday, April 16th. Please see the OASIS DITA Learning and Training calendar for more information.




If you have ideas or comments, or would like to contribute to the Learning and Training work group on an ongoing basis, please contact Troy Klukewich: troy.klukewich@oracle.com.


Troy Klukewich

Member, DITA Learning and Training Content Specialization SC

Member, DITA Adoption TC


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Troy Klukewich | Information Architect | 408.872.0228
Oracle Tax and Utilities Global Business Unit

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