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Subject: Meaningful Values for type= on xref and topicref

The 1.2 language spec topic on the type= attribute says:

" If the type attribute is specified when referencing DITA content, it
should match one of the values in the target's class attribute. "

The example given is then "topic" to indicate a topic or any specialization
of topic.

However, in thinking about this in the context of a map specialization I'm
creating where I want to set default values for type= to indicate a
corresponding topic specialization, it occurs to me that the value should
really be (or at least allow) a qualified type name, e.g. "mytopic/mytopic"
rather than simply "mytopic".

I'm not sure what the current OT does, but I'm wondering if there is any
existing practice or thought on this issue?

If my analysis is correct, I think the topic should indicate that
fully-qualified type names are allowed and preferred. It would probably make
sense that unqualified type names can only refer to standard-defined types
since that's the only context in which they are unambiguous.



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