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Subject: Configuring OxygenXML To use DITA 1.2

I know a lot of us doing editorial work on the arch spec are using OxygenXML
as our editors. I had a question on how to configure Oxygen to use the 1.2
DTDs and schemas.

If you are using Oxygen only for this purpose, the easiest thing to do is
simply to get the latest 1.5 Toolkit and replace Oxygen's built-in Toolkit
with the 1.5 version, keeping the name the same

If you use Oxygen for both 1.2 and 1.1 work, as I do, I use this technique:

1. Copy the 1.4.x Toolkit (e.g., as comes with Oxygen) under Oxygen's DITA
framework directory: ${frameworks}/dita to "DITA-OT1.4"
2. Copy the 1.5 Toolkit to "DITA-OT1.5" under ${frameworks}/dita.
3. As needed, copy the appropriate version of the Toolkit to the
dita/DITA-OT directory. Reload Oxygen's DTD cache and go on. No need to
restart Oxygen.

I also use Ant tasks within Eclipse to deploy plugins for my local
specializations (of which I have many due to the many DITA projects on which
I work). That makes it easy to update either version of the Toolkit as I
swap them in and out. Probably not an issue for most of the Arch Spec


Eliot Kimber | Senior Solutions Architect | Really Strategies, Inc.
email:  ekimber@reallysi.com <mailto:ekimber@reallysi.com>
office: 610.631.6770 | cell: 512.554.9368
2570 Boulevard of the Generals | Suite 213 | Audubon, PA 19403
www.reallysi.com <http://www.reallysi.com>  | http://blog.reallysi.com
<http://blog.reallysi.com> | www.rsuitecms.com <http://www.rsuitecms.com> 

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