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Subject: FW: Meeting Transcript for DITA arch spec authoring team meeting

I had an action item from the 6 June meeting: Provide minutes of author
group meetings -- Author group

Here are the minutes from the meeting we had. I'll copy the TC list for
future meetings.


-----Original Message-----
From: Gershon Joseph (gerjosep) 
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 12:35 AM
To: 'Gershon Joseph'; 'Eliot'; 'Robert D Anderson'; 'joann'; 'Erik
Hennum'; 'Bruce'; 'Michael Priestley'; 'keberlein'
Cc: 'Don Day'
Subject: Meeting Transcript for DITA arch spec authoring team meeting

Hi all,

Thanks for participating today. I feel we had a very productive session.
Here is the WebEx meeting transcript, to which I've added minutes.
Please send corrections and comments to this group.


Meeting Transcript for DITA arch spec authoring team meeting

Basic Meeting Information:
Meeting Topic: DITA arch spec authoring team meeting
Host: Gershon Joseph
Meeting number:  204 572 259
Start Time: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 08:59:38 PM(GMT 03:00) End Time:
Wednesday, June 03, 2009 10:00:25 PM(GMT 03:00) Meeting URL:

Attendee List:
Gershon Joseph, Eliot, Robert D Anderson, JoAnn, Erik Hennum, Bruce,
Michael Priestley, Kristen Eberlein, 

Agenda + Minutes:

Discuss a number of issues and  concerns raised by some of the authors.

1. Creating submaps
> Agreement that submaps are OK (encouraged to avoid conflicts when
authors work concurrently on the same map).

2. Deciding what we should revise and how much 
> Keep existing June 16 date for 1st draft.
> Kris encouraged everyone to use the Wiki page for questions that come
up as they work.
> Use @rev="1.2" for new 1.2 topics and for updated topics. Don't change
@rev setting (or if missing, set to "1.1") for basic editing fixes (e.g.
> Agreed to remove or merge topics that contain only title and
shortdesc so that all topics (as far as possible) contain content beyond
the title and shortdesc.

3. Agreeing on the content of the Introduction to DITA  (which needs
major overhaul and has sections that are  beyond my expertise).
> We should list key features here rather than the 1.1  topic structure.
> Succinct and simple set of important concepts that need to be
understood in order to understand and implement DITA.

> Intro should have the following layout:
> Start with overview of what the spec is all about but no conceptual
info beyond that.
> Then formal definitions of terms.
> Then normative detailed concepts.

> We need to list the DITA concepts we need to include in the arch spec
to ensure we don't forget any of them...
> JoAnn to start listing key DITA concepts on Wiki page and folks can
add their pet key concepts after that.
> We can review the list at the next TC meeting.

> Kris requested we get the terminology section completed and updated
ASAP so that we can all use it consistently when updating our sections.

> JoAnn asked all to check the existing terminology section to ensure we
don't need to add any terms to it. If anyone finds missing terms, please
add them by sending new terms to JoAnn via email. Please copy this group
in case it triggers other missing terms.

> We need to establish a workable review methodology...
> Michael to send Kris and Gershon starter ideas for this.

> We need to determine deadlines and dates for the rest of  the project.
> Gershon to figure out initial dates and share with Kris.

> The idea is to proposes deadlines (project plan) and review process at
next TC meeting.

> meeting adjourned<

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