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Subject: Re: [dita] redundancy in `Contains' & `Contained By' sections of archspectopics

Hi Bruce -

Can you point to an example where matching content models show up in two
rows? Those values are generated, but I thought I'd fixed all of the cases
where content was duplicated. For topicref, for example, there are
currently five different rows, all of which have minor differences.

The values are generated based on the DTD constructs, and are not
alphabetical because they show order and cardinality (such as optional
topicmeta, followed by any number of A|B|C, followed by other stuff). I did
add some logic so that when the tool generating these values recognizes a
large group of "or" values - like (this or that or theOther) - it will
alphabetize them. However, it is not smart enough to recognize all of the
regular expressions involved in the grouping. For example - the topicref
element within map shows up as:
( (topicmeta)  (optional)  then (anchor or data or data-about or navref or
topicref or (anchorref or keydef or mapref or topicgroup or topichead or
topicset or topicsetref) or (glossref) )  (any number) )

The tool is currently alphabetizing the group (anchor or data or data-about
or navref or topicref). It's also alphabetizing the next group (anchorref
or ... topicsetref). It's not clever enough to merge those groups across
the parenthesis boundary - I spent a small amount of time thinking about
that, but realized the syntax could always get more complex, and I didn't
think I would have time to make it fully reliable.

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit

             "Bruce Nevin                                                  
             <bnevin@cisco.com                                          To 
             >                         "dita" <dita@lists.oasis-open.org>  
             06/23/2009 11:24                                              
             AM                                                    Subject 
                                       [dita] redundancy in `Contains' &   
                                       `Contained By' sections of archspec 

Some topics in the architectural spec list two or more doctypes separately
although they have the identical content model ('Contains' example:
topicref); some list more than one doctype in the same table cell to the
left of the content model ('Contains' examples: kwd, shortdesk). They
should be consistent, and the latter is obviously better.

Are they automatically generated? (it seems so, given the evidently
code-driven order of elements in the lists.) Is this something that is
easily fixed?

Beyond that, it would be "nice" to have lists that are more easily scanned
and compared by humans -- alpha order, maybe even one list of elements
common to all topic types, followed by per-topic-typ lists of exceptions.

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