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Subject: Arch Spec Review: Review Through "DITA Maps" In the Wiki

I've completed my review through the "DITA Maps" topic and my comments are
in the Wiki. Most of my comments are intended to make language more precise,
clarify semantics, or reflect DITA 1.2 aspects not reflected in the original

It's clear to me from this review that integrating the Language Reference
with the Arch Spec and moving the detailed markup discussions from what is
now the Arch Spec to an appropriate area within the Lang Spec would help
keep the purely architectural stuff from the detailed stuff, which will tend
to make the architectural discussion clearer and crisper.



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office: 610.631.6770 | cell: 512.554.9368
2570 Boulevard of the Generals | Suite 213 | Audubon, PA 19403
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