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Subject: lockmeta: What is implication of "yes" for map processing/rendition?

If the purpose of having topicmeta in a map is to impose that metadata onto
referenced topics in a particular use context, what is the
processing/rendition implication of having topicmeta in a topicref but then
specifying locknav="yes"?

In that case, the map-specified metadata does not modify the effective value
of the topic's metadata, but does it have any other expected effect? For
example, is there an expectation that search would still match the
*navigation* entry (but not the topic)? Or is the map-specified metadata
simply rendered irrelevant?

Other than simply turning off the behavior without having to remove existing
map-specified metadata, I'm having a hard time imagining a use case for
specifying locknav="yes".

Am I missing some subtler aspect of this feature?



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