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Subject: Re: [dita] Archspec "linking" section

Seth, are you also adding your comments to the review Wiki pages? While I'm glad that you are bringing key points to the TC's attention, I also want to make sure that they are captured as part of the formal review process ...



Park Seth-R01164 wrote:
F943284D299CD9409CFA37D759ADDAD1035ACE75@az33exm23.fsl.freescale.net" type="cite">
I'm reviewing the ID att section, which covers a lot of information that should be more appropriately described in a "linking and referencing" section as we discussed a couple of weeks ago. I feel we need to create this topic and make a clear distinction amongst:
  • The ID attribute is required to make an element eligible for link participation (and perhaps other purposes, such as search). [covered in ID attribute section][see "linking and referencing" for how ID attributes are used in linking]
  • Links require a certain syntax that--in the case of targeting elements within a topic--requires a fragment identifier syntax that is non-conformant with Xpointer. [covered in "linking and referencing section]
  • When a link is established, the link behavior depends on the following items... [covered in "linking and referencing section; provide the following links to appropriate sections]
    • the element that contains the link attribute (topicref/mapref have certain restrictions) [see topicref/mapref]
    • the attribute that contains the link (href vs. conref) [see href/conref]
    • conaction and conrefend attributes values (for conref only) [see conref]
    • target type (dita vs. non-dita) [see format attribute]
  • Indirect linking (keyref) enables the ability to call indirection targets (which are defined elsewhere directly) using a key string. [see keyref]
Can we get the "linking and referencing" section in place, in a couple days?
seth park
information architect
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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