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Subject: questions about metadata elements

pubMetaElem.dita talks about:
author, publisher, copyright
mgtMetaElem.dita talks about:
source, critdates, permissions, resourceid
metaQualElem.dita talks about:
audience, category, keywords, prodinfo, othermeta, data
These are the only *Elem.dita topic files. The following are not mentioned in them:
metadata, data-about, foreign, unknown
linktext, searchtitle, shortdesc
navtitle, exportanchors
Are they discussed elsewhere in the Architecture Spec? If not, should they be treated on a par with the above as metadata elements? Or are they set aside for a reason?
topicmeta is the union of prolog and metadata,
plus children of metadata
plus linktext, searchtitle, shortdesc, navtitle, exportanchors
(and in bookmap: plus authorinformation as alternative to author)
As to including metadata as a peer of its own children, isn't backward compatibility wonderful!  !->

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