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Subject: Organization of Tagname Parameter Entities in DTD Modules

Currently, the DTD module pattern requires declaration of parameter entities
for each element type defined in a module for later use in content models.
These parameter entities are in the .mod file.

However, with the advent of the ability in DITA 1.2 to do per-element
content model overrides, I think these entities should be in the .ent files,
so that they are available to content model overrides specified in shell

For example, if I have shell "myconcept.dtd" and I want to extend the
content model of title to allow a new phrase type (e.g., "my-title-phrase"),
without this change I have to declare the entities for each of the content
model tokens I'm retaining from the base content model, since they otherwise
occur *after* the shell-defined content model override entity is declared.

I don't remember any discussion of this in the past, but I also haven't been
necessarily paying close attention.

Is there any reason not to make this change?



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