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Subject: Learning and Training Proposal: New Subelement for lcMatchingPair toHold Feedback

The lcMatchTable element represents a "matching" interaction as a set of
pairs of match items. However, the current design does not provide a way to
associate per-match-pair feedback. I have client that does exactly this in
their online training deliverables.

Given that lcMatchTable specializes from topic/simpletable, the only markup
solution that does not require linking is to add an optional third
subelement to lcMatchingPair that contains the feedback elements. This
proposal is backward compatible with existing content.

Content Model Changes:

1. Declare new element type lcMatchingItemFeedback:

<!ENTITY % lcMatchingItemFeedback.content
                       "((%lcFeedback;) |
                         (%lcFeedbackCorrect;) |
<!ENTITY % lcMatchingItemFeedback.attributes
<!ELEMENT lcMatchingItemFeedback    % lcMatchingItemFeedback.content;>
<!ATTLIST lcMatchingItemFeedback    % lcMatchingItemFeedback.attributes;>
<!ATTLIST lcMatchingItemFeedback %global-atts;
    class CDATA "+ topic/stentry learning-d/ lcMatchingItemFeedback ">

2. Allow lcMatchingItemFeedback as an optional third subelement of

<!ENTITY % lcMatchingPair.content

Specification Changes:

- Document lcMatchingItemFeedback element

- Update documentation of lcMatchingPair to reflect new content model.

Processor changes:

- Handle presence of feedback elements in the rendering of matching

NOTE: We are not aware of any existing implementations of matching
interactions, with the exception of the one I am building for my client,
where this support is mandatory.

Eliot Kimber | Senior Solutions Architect | Really Strategies, Inc.
email:  ekimber@reallysi.com <mailto:ekimber@reallysi.com>
office: 610.631.6770 | cell: 512.554.9368
2570 Boulevard of the Generals | Suite 213 | Audubon, PA 19403
www.reallysi.com <http://www.reallysi.com>  | http://blog.reallysi.com
<http://blog.reallysi.com> | www.rsuitecms.com <http://www.rsuitecms.com> 

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