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Subject: Minutes - 20Aug2009 meeting of OASIS DITA TC Spec authoring team

Here are my minutes of today's meeting. If I missed your name on the attendee list or you notice other mistakes that need correction, please let me know.  

John Hunt, IBM

Minutes - 20Aug2009 meeting of OASIS DITA TC authoring team
Chaired by Kristen James Eberlein

Attendees:  Robert D Anderson, JoAnn Hackos, Eliot Kimber, Gershon Joseph, Seth Park, Erik Hennum, John Hunt
, David Helfinstine, Robin Sloan, Rob Hanna, Bob Beims

1)    Discussion about tracking work completed based on first review
        Use @rev=1.2.1 to mark changes in DITA files based on comments in review #1 (previous decision)

        It's important to track the reviewer name and dates on the review comments.

        Then respond on the wiki page to indicate how you have worked in the comments        .

        Agree about best practice for indicating on the Wiki pages how we have dealt with reviewers' comments, with a good example here -
2)     Status of work from the first review
i        KE has work to do on the introductory topic, but sees no issues in completing it.

ii        Intro to DITA section - JoAnn and Eliot        

                This section needs work and clarification about purpose of

                this section.

                Need to crisp up vocabulary we use for key terms,
                especially related to specialization.

                Eliot targets getting contributions for the intro section complete by Sep 1.

                JoAnn to complete her contributions by Sep 15.

iii        DITA map section        
                KE - This will be ready for Review 2

iv        Metadata - Gershon        

                Working on these
. Target date Sep 1.

v        DITA processing - Seth        

                Plans to work on this over the weekend.
Will provide an assessment of scope of work by 8/24.

vi        Translation - Joann and Robert        

                Joann to get to this after trip to Japan, and complete by Sep 15.

v        Specialization - Eliot        

                Comments handled from first review

                Some issues remain, but he can complete them.

vi        Learning and Training - John and Eliot

                John has provided a map and architectural spec topics.

                Recent updates approved by TC require updates to the doc topics plus DTD and XSD schemas.

                Eliot to make updates needed for both the schemas and doc for these changes by Sep 1.

vii        Technical content spec        

                A gap here

                Some 1.1 topics can get moved here

                JoAnn is lead for this part of the spec
and can get this ready by mid-September

                A question about where to include the information about

                ditabase - not resolved at the meeting.

                Discussion about what to put into the base, and whether concept-task-reference should be in the base.

3) Schedule

We discussed review dates and agreed on a schedule.

2nd TC Review goes out on Sep 21, 2009.

2nd TC Review completes Oct 4, 2009. (Hard date - no review comments accepted after this date)

3rd TC Review goes out Oct 19, 2009 and completes Nov 1, 2009.

Target start of full OASIS Review for Nov 16, but no later than Dec 1

4) Examples in the arch spec topics

What belongs in the arch spec topics and what belongs in the lang ref topics?
Do we conref? Use xrefs? Use links generated from relationship tables?

Input from Eliot that we need to avoid having the same information appear twice in the published standard. Need to reconcile this with need for examples to appear with each element but not wanting to repeat the same example across elements in the group.
Kris Eberlein and Robert Anderson will talk offline about this.

Minutes submitted by John Hunt


John Hunt
Structured Content Architect / Lotus Information Development Center
IBM Software Group/Lotus Software

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